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Julia d'Albert Pusey - The StartUp Woman To Watch

Julia d'Albert Pusey is the brainchild behind Myrtle & Maude, a new range of natural products aimed at pregnant women to help ease morning sickness. 

Fresh produce from her father’s allotment is part of Jules' enduring memory with sparkling fruit and veg always on hand. Her mother was a nurse and would always find natural remedies to cure aliments before medication. So the ‘natural life’ is something Julia is accustomed to.

Julia’s background is in Fashion and she has a Masters in Creative Couture from Paris. The idea for Myrtle & Maude came from a eureka moment from when Julia worked in the super yacht industry as a stewardess, she saw the demand for nausea products after seeing guests suffer from seasickness. This spurred on research into travel sickness discovering that there were few natural products on market and even less for pregnancy sickness.

Myrtle & Maude is already a must have in the natural remedy sector and is fast becoming the go to product for pregnant women in the UK. Julia and her team hope to launch the range internationally next year, if UK sales are anything to go by, the world most certainly is her oyster.

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