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With every purchase you make we invest 10% in a Female StartUp

“We need to make equal pay and equal opportunity for women and girls a reality so women’s rights are human rights”

Hilary Clinton

The unacceptable inequality surrounding the gender pay gap pales in comparison to the inequities of the gender funding gap, at present only 10% of venture funding goes to female-led businesses and recently released figures show that if every woman who wanted to run, started a business then it could release a possible £10.1 billion boost to the UK economy.

StartUp Woman of The Month

The Dip Society

The Dip Society is a British independent fresh food startup founded by Helen Boyle and Claire Ollard in 2011, specialising in dips and pates. Backed by Ascot Capital Partners and favoured by famous faces such as Fearne Cotton and Dawn O'Porter, the company is on a mission to tap into a market previously dominated by supermarket's own brand products. By creating innovative and healthy flavours of dips, pates & snacks, The Dip Society intends to become the go to brand for dips! With all products having 10 or less ingredients they are low in fat, low in salt, gluten-free and totally natural with no preservatives or additives. The range includes a Beetroot, Mint & Honey dip, Avocado Houmous and Hot Smoked Salmon Pate with Honey & Mustard.

StartUp Woman

Meet: The Dip Society


The Ldny “Dress to Invest” collection aims to help close the gender funding gap with a range of clothes that empower confidence in women to know their worth. We proud to have partnered with Seedrs, the world's largest crowdfunding platform. With every purchase you make we'll invest 10% in our selected StartUp Woman of the Month.

Power Jumpsuit (White)


Checked IN Pencil Dress


Baby Blue Belle Pencil Skirt (Long)


Sexy Back Zip Pencil Skirt (Beige Long)


The Zip Line Pencil Dress (Black)


Power Suits You (White Trouser)


Trench Coat Rock (White)


The Polo Pencil Dress


The Red Alert! Pencil Dress


The Power Pencil Skirt (White)

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Ldny Startup Woman

Each month we will select a Seedrs Female StartUp to support.